36Value 3600pcs 50V Electrolytic Capacitor Assortment Box Kit Range 100pF - 1uF Ceramic Capacitor

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Material: Ceramic
Color: As the pictures shows
Accuracy: ±20%
Operating Temperature Range: +10oC to +85oC
Dielectric Withstand: 2.5x Rated Voltage
Body Diameter: about 3 - 6mm
Pin Spacing: about 3mm
Plastic Box Dimensions: about 27.5x17.5x4.3cm(10.82x6.88x1.69'')Features:
-Stable, Low Cost Ceramic Capacitor.
-With a nice plastic box. Easier to pick the type that you want to use.36value 3600pcs@100pcs Ceramic Capacitor Box Kit (100pcs per each value)
1pF 2pF 5pF 10pF 12pF 15pF
18pF 22pF 27pF 30pF 33pF 39pF
47pF 50pF 56pF 68pF 82pF 100pF
120pF 150pF 200pF 330pF 470pF 560pF
820pF 1nF 2nF 3.3nF 3.9nF 6.8nF
10nF 15nF 20nF 33nF 47nF 100nFPackage Included:
1 x 36 value 3600pcs Ceramic Capacitor Box Kit

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