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Better Choices

Buy searching the tonhds.com for these electronic products for every day we use department stores. provides you with better choices. Not only do we provide you with quality product options, but the offshoot is you buy less. When you buy something that meets all of your requireeveryonets, enhances the aesthetics of your environeveryonet, and you enjoy using, you improve your life and buy less. Dare I say, you might become a minimalist. Which is our goal in a nutshell.

Our Philosophy

We’re a place for everyone who value their time enough to get their purchase done right the first time around. We offer everyone’s gear options for guys who are looking for well-designed, high-quality products. We use great photography and short to the point descriptions of products we find valuable and unique. Whether they’re brand new releases or old school products, you may have overlooked.

We remove the confusion surrounding your purchases while searching the web for those select items. We provide insights into the things everyone appreciate. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your everyday carry or looking for a book or video for the weekend, we can help you make the right choices.


We do wholesale and retail business at the same time.